Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification

For dogs over six months old displaying aggression, reactivity, severe anxiety, and other behavioral issues.

Behavior Modification

About The Service

This boot camp course is designed to rehabilitate dogs displaying aggression, reactivity, severe anxiety, and other acute behavioral issues. Our behavior modification course follows a similar structure to our adult dog training course while addressing the behaviors at hand.

Program Structure

  1. Trust. Our behavior modification course can be between 4-8 weeks long, depending on the severity of each dog's behavior. Training progresses at a safe pace for the trainers and is respectful of the dog's needs.
  2. Aggression. The training process's most crucial step is to correct problematic behaviors before we teach any obedience. Preventing aggression or reactivity episodes through compliance (i.e., telling your dog to sit when it starts growling at another dog) can suppress the underlying issues without fully addressing them. This is why we teach the dog that aggression or reactivity is unacceptable before teaching obedience.
  3. Obedience. Once the problematic behaviors are corrected, we build the dog's confidence, train it in basic on- and off-leash obedience, and give it as many positive experiences as possible around old triggers to ensure success beyond graduation.

What Your Dog Will Learn

After completing our behavior modification program, your dog will be capable of the following skills on- and off-leash:

  • Sit, down, and stay
  • Come when called
  • Heel
  • Bed stay
  • Crate and potty training
  • Manners with people and other dogs
  • Improved confidence in new environments

Common Behaviors That We Work With

Common behaviors that we regularly work with in our behavior modification program include reactivity towards dogs, dog aggression, human aggression, littermate syndrome, housemate fighting, leash reactivity, fence fighting, human aggression, human reactivity, severe anxiety, and resource guarding.

What To Expect From Us

  • Regular text, picture, and video updates on your dog's training
  • Real-life training scenarios to ensure success after graduation
  • Training field trips to public parks, stores, breweries, and hiking trails
  • Three training sessions per day
  • Daily exercise, mental stimulation, and supervised play sessions with other dogs