Puppy Training School

Puppy Training School

Get a head start on training your perfect companion. Enjoy an off-leash trained dog by 6 months of age.

Puppy Training School

About The Service

Our puppy board and train program leverages the benefits of early training and socialization to create a well-rounded, confident adult dog. Training at a young age allows us to mitigate minor problematic behaviors before they become more significant issues in the later stages of a puppy's life.

By the end of this board and train program, your puppy will be socialized appropriately, on- and off-leash trained, responsive to owner directions, and ready to take on the world at 6 months old. Our goal is to make you and your puppy's lives easier, safer, and more enjoyable together.

Program Structure

  1. Puppy Stay (10 days). Between 3 and 5 months old, your puppy will live with our trainers for ten days to work on socialization, confidence building, crate and potty training, basic etiquette, and foundational obedience through food games and leash drills. Your puppy will get exposure to new environments, people, and dogs while learning to enjoy the training process at a pace that matches its maturity level. After this stay is complete, we will schedule a lesson to teach you everything that your dog has learned and how to maintain it leading up to the next stay.
  2. Adult Stay (3 weeks). At six months old, your dog will return to us for an 18-day board and train stay, after which it will be on- and off-leash trained. This portion of the program includes more formal obedience skills that we will regularly practice on field trips to expose your puppy to everyday scenarios. We will establish clear expectations for each skill and practice in highly distracting environments to generalize these behaviors. In other words, your puppy will learn to follow expectations regardless of how exciting the distractions around them might be.
  3. Graduation. Once your puppy is ready to graduate, we will schedule a lesson to teach you everything that your dog learned during the second portion of the program. After graduation, you can trust your trained puppy in nearly any situation. You will have access to unlimited support from our trainers as well as three free follow-up private training sessions withing the first year of graduation to maintain and continue your dog's training.

What Your Dog Will Learn

After completing both portions of our puppy program, your dog will be capable of the following skills on- and off-leash:

  • Sit, down & stay
  • Recall (come when called)
  • Leash manners
  • Heel (walk next to your right side without pulling or lagging)
  • Bed stay (we use this skill a lot during eating meals and when guests come over)
  • Crate & potty training
  • Proper etiquette with people & appropriate interactions with other dogs
  • Waiting at doors & respectfully going through doorways
  • Improved confidence in new environments
  • Impulse control & focus around any distraction

Who Is This Program For?

Our puppy to adult program is excellent for puppies between 12 weeks and six months whose owners want to get a head start on training, develop a stronger bond with their puppy, and/or have noticed early signs of problematic behaviors.

Some common behaviors we regularly work with in our puppy program include potty training and crate training issues, pulling, jumping, barking, nipping, fear and anxiety, self-control issues, digging, selective hearing, overexcitement, and more. Early training allows us to prevent problematic puppy behaviors from escalating into greater issues.

Moreover, obedience training opens up a dog's world to a wide range of experiences that may otherwise not be possible, enjoyable or safe, such as hikes and public outings. Our team is committed to improve owner-dog quality of life and relationship by giving owners and their dogs the tools to clearly communicate and live a fuller life.

What To Expect From Us

  • Regular text, picture, and video updates on your dog's training
  • Real-life training scenarios to ensure success after graduation
  • Training field trips to public parks, pet-friendly stores, and other highly distracting environments
  • Daily exercise, mental stimulation, and supervised play sessions with other dogs

What’s Included

Our puppy to adult program includes all of the tools that your dog will need to continue training at home:

  • E-collar, slip leash & elevated place bed
  • Graduation send-home class (around 1.5 hours) and 3 free follow-up sessions within 1 year post-graduation
  • Access to our alumni-exclusive boarding and refresher training services to protect your training investment
  • 1-year-long graduate follow-up process where we proactively reach out to you after training is complete
  • Lifetime email and phone support. We are fully committed to your dog's success in training